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Water service shall be issued to any parcel containing a residence (or equivalent dwelling unit) or where the customer is proposing to build a residence (or equivalent dwelling unit). The CSA shall, at the cost to the property owner requesting water service to the property and collected in advance as a fee, install the lateral (if required) and shall install a water meter, water shut-off valve at the water box, fire sprinkler “T” (if required) at the water box, and any required water meter box (single or double) at property corners or where property corners are infeasible, at property lines as designated by the General Manager. Only duly authorized employees or agents of the CSA are permitted to install service pipes from system mains, valves, meters, or install meter/valve boxes from the system mains to the designated valve box/meter box. All equipment within the valve/meter box, including the valve/meter box, and any piping from the meter/valve box to the mains, shall be considered property of the CSA.

The property owner is solely responsible for all trenching, pipelines, shut-off valves, and any required backflow prevention devices and/or valves preventing cross connections. In the event that residential sprinkler systems are proposed on an existing or proposed residence, a minimum two-inch lateral is required to be installed to the meter. From the meter, a dedicated pipeline, independent from the residential service line to the residence, is required to serve any residential fire sprinkler system. When required, the CSA will install a “T” on the owner’s side of the meter for use by the owner in providing the required dual lines to the residence: one for residential water service and one for serving the residential fire sprinkler system. A backflow device shall be required for any installation of a residential fire sprinkler system, and this backflow prevention device shall follow the specifications outlined in this chapter. The backflow device shall be inspected annually and certified as to its satisfactory operation. The General Manager may waive a backflow device in those instances where the residential sprinkler design is using residential service water without any oils, anti-freeze, or other additives and in such cases, the fire sprinkler system shall be located within a freeze-free location within the residence where ambient temperatures during winter are maintained above freezing.

Water service connections will not be allowed to be connected to garages, travel trailers, fifth wheels or like vehicles, tents, storage sheds, or other improvements on a parcel. Water service connections shall not be installed on parcels that will contain a proposed residence unless and until a county building permit has been duly issued, the Architectural Review Committee of the Sierra Brooks Property Owners Association has granted its approval of the development of the parcel, and a water service application has been approved by the CSA.

Water service to second residential units, guest houses, and caretaker residences, if authorized by County zoning laws, may be served by a separate service and meter at the request of the property owner. The base rate and fees for an individual water service established herein at $19.58 per month (base rate) shall be required to be paid by the owner for the water service to serve these uses, or as amended by the Board.

All work from the point of ownership (meter box) of the customer to the outside of the foundation of the customer’s residence shall be inspected by the CSA and/or the County Building Department. This customer service line or in the case of a fire sprinkler system, the customer service lines, shall not be covered at any point without inspection and approval by the CSA. The installation must be tested for leakage. (Ord. 1111, eff. 7/7/22; Ord. 1090, eff. 3/5/20)