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If any owner owns multiple properties that are contiguous to each other and are vacant, the base water monthly service charges of $19.58 per month as set forth in this chapter shall not be charged for any parcel unless and until there is a new water service application request from the owner for water service to any one or all of the vacant parcels. The owner of any vacant parcel shall only receive a water service to one or all of the vacant parcels when the owner has submitted a water service application for each of the parcels that the owner desires to connect to the water system and shall pay any fees or charges, including the costs of installation of the water service and meter. The owner of each parcel for which a service connection is installed by the CSA shall be required to pay the monthly service charge as set forth in this chapter for each parcel receiving a water service.

Any vacant multiple parcels that are contiguous and under the same ownership, or any vacant merged parcels containing a water service to one or all vacant lots, and where no water meter or approved meter assembly exists, shall be provided an approved water service only when a water service application is made to the CSA and has paid all fees or charges required by this chapter, including the costs of installation of the water meter assembly. This does not apply to a parcel which is part of multiple parcels under one ownership or merged parcels under one ownership, which contains a primary residence (EDU).

Multiple parcels which are merged, resulting in one parcel, shall not be entitled to maintain more than one water service connection unless otherwise authorized by this chapter. In the case of a developed parcel that is merged with adjacent and undeveloped parcels, any water service connection that may have been in existence prior to the effective date of the merger shall be discontinued and the General Manager shall cause its discontinued use and removal upon merger of the parcels. (Ord. 1111, eff. 7/7/22; Ord. 1090, eff. 3/5/20)