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Water service may be provided to vacant parcels only upon request of the owner. Any existing water service to a vacant parcel that does not have an approved water service permit; that does not contain a meter; and does not have an approved water meter assembly that meets minimum water service requirements of this chapter shall not be considered an approved installation. A water service application and payment of all fees shall accompany any request for water service made to the CSA for a vacant parcel. The owner shall pay for the installation of the water service and meter and shall pay the monthly water service charge. The existence of a water valve and/or water box upon a vacant parcel does not constitute implementation nor approval of service of water delivery to the vacant parcel and shall be disconnected until such time that a water service application is filed with the CSA and a meter installed at the service box. A water service application is required to authorize serving a vacant parcel with water and once a water meter is installed, the service of water to the parcel shall be authorized. Once the meter is installed by the CSA and the service is authorized and charged, the owner shall be required to pay the monthly water service fees and shall be charged the base rates established in this chapter.

If an owner owns a single vacant parcel, the base water rate as set forth in this chapter of $19.58 shall not be charged unless and until there is a water service application made to the CSA with payment of all fees and charges, including the cost of the installation of the meter and meter assembly for water service.

If an owner has an approved water service to a vacant parcel and subsequently decides to merge the vacant parcel with a contiguous parcel(s) that contains an approved water service to a residence, the service to the vacant parcel shall be terminated and removed. If the merger involves two or more vacant parcels, only one service shall be permitted to the merged parcel that formerly contained two or more parcels. In such a case, any services that previously existed shall be terminated, except one water service which may remain to serve the new parcel configuration representing the merger.

Water service and use of water on a vacant parcel for dust control shall be prohibited unless the dust control is required as part of any approved grading activity on the parcel or to temporarily contain dust while an improvement (road, storage building, etc.) is being developed on the property. (Ord. 1111, eff. 7/7/22; Ord. 1090, eff. 3/5/20)