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Property owners and/or residents shall not resell, or enter into any contract to resell, any water originating from the CSA. Water use shall not be transferred to any property other than the property for which the original water service to the property is/was specified and approved by the CSA.

Water lines not owned and maintained by the CSA shall be kept in good order and repair by the owner. Persons wasting water due, in the sole discretion of the General Manager, to defective pipes or valves or leaks in pipes may be refused delivery of further water until such conditions are corrected.

Fees, rates, and charges for base charges, water consumption charges, and fees, rates, and charges imposed by the CSA as part of its routine billing shall be based on a schedule of fees (late fees, nonpayment, water turn-off, water re-start, delinquency charges, liens, etc.) adopted by resolution of the Board of Directors of the CSA. User fees and charges shall be billed to the owner of the property served regardless of who is deriving the benefits from, submitting payment for, or receiving the water service as a result of the water connection. The base monthly rate for water service connections shall commence on the first day of each month and shall be $19.58 per month which allows consumption up to 50,288 gallons of water per month. Water consumption in excess of this base rate shall be charged to the owner at a rate of $2.27 per 1,000 gallons above the base rate of 50,288 gallons of water. Water consumption in an amount less than the base rate of 50,288 gallons cannot be credited nor carried over to another month.

Water service charges billed monthly for water service cannot be paid in one lump sum annually nor can these fees be carried on the annual County tax bill for payment. Water meters will be read monthly by the CSA and monthly billings will be distributed on the fifteenth day of each month, containing charges for the prior month consumption of water from the CSA and any other charges (late fees, delinquent charges, etc.) determined to be appropriate by the CSA. There is no option for any “seasonal disconnections” nor any other form of “discount” in water service charges and all service connections shall be required to pay the base rate of $19.58 per month whether or not water was consumed. Customers shall be billed for water service on a monthly or on a quarterly basis, as determined by the CSA. Bills from the CSA will be rendered monthly based on consumption to the nearest 1,000 gallons. The CSA may choose to implement meter reading and billing based on a quarterly cycle if the CSA finds that such would be in the best interest of the CSA and if approved by the Board of Directors. If for any reason, a meter cannot be read on the regular reading date, the customer will be billed at the minimum rate of $19.58 per month, and at such time as the meter is again accessible on the correct reading date, the meter shall be read and billing adjusted accordingly. The CSA shall be responsible for meter reading and meter maintenance while all billing and collections shall be provided to the CSA by the County Treasurer-Tax Collector. The specific process for meter reading, transfer of information on water consumption, software interaction with the billing and collection process, rates, fees, and charges, time limits, disconnections and reconnections, and other policies governing the billing and collection process shall be set forth by resolution of the Board of Directors or as provided herein.

If a leak or other condition caused a significant overrun of water consumption in a given month, a one-time leak adjustment may be issued by the General Manager upon receipt of a written explanation from the owner describing the cause and the corrective action taken to prevent further water loss. The General Manager may or may not approve the one-time leak adjustment and the summary of findings and decision of the General Manager shall be conveyed in writing to the owner of property who requested the one-time leak adjustment.

When an abnormally large quantity of water is desired for filling a swimming pool, pond, or for other purposes, arrangements must be made with the CSA prior to taking such water. Permission by the General Manager to allow a customer to take water in large quantities shall be granted only if it can be safely delivered through the CSA’s facilities; only if the water system is not in an emergency or otherwise critical water rationing or conservation phase; or if other customers are not inconvenienced. (Ord. 1111, eff. 7/7/22; Ord. 1100, eff. 8/19/21; Ord. 1090, eff. 3/5/20)