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There exist 38 parcels that exceed one acre in size and which formerly qualified for the ability to serve the parcel by an individual water well. Those parcels that are vacant and do not have a domestic water well in existence on the parcel and serving water to an existing residence as of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter shall be prohibited from drilling a domestic water well and shall be required to be served water by the CSA.

Property owners who have an existing domestic water well that is connected to a residence, and who opt to not connect to the CSA water system, may at any time in the future, request a new water service permit to connect the parcel to the CSA water system. Water from the CSA water system will only be connected by the CSA to the parcel upon submittal of a water service application and payment of all required fees for a new water system connection. The existing well on the property shall either be formally abandoned or be allowed to coexist with a new water service connection by installation of a backflow prevention device in accordance with this chapter. The CSA shall confirm sufficient separation of the well from any potential cross connection to the CSA water system and determine if an exemption from the installation of a backflow device will be approved; will confirm that any required backflow prevention device is operational; shall confirm that only the CSA water system is connected to the residence; and shall routinely inspect the property to assure compliance with this chapter. At no time may any connection between the well and any pipelines or fixtures associated with the well be connected to the service line from the meter to the residence without an adequate backflow prevention device. The backflow prevention device shall be certified annually and the certification shall be provided annually by the owner to the CSA. The cost for certification of the backflow prevention device shall be a responsibility of the owner.

An owner who has a residence which is served by an individual water well and is not connected to the CSA water system shall be exempt from the payment of monthly water base rate charges. If the owner determines that CSA water service is desired in the future and submits a water service application to connect to the CSA water system, the owner shall then be required to begin paying the monthly base rate service charges and annual assessment fees once the connection is installed by the CSA.

The construction of new water wells within the boundaries of the service area of the CSA water system are prohibited as of the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter. Exceptions to this prohibition include any well developed by the CSA for water to serve the CSA or any well proposed for development by the state of California, Department of Fish and Wildlife to serve management needs for the Smithneck Creek Wildlife Management Area that is located within the boundaries of the CSA. (Ord. 1111, eff. 7/7/22; Ord. 1090, eff. 3/5/20)