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A. No person shall travel on any portion of the airport except upon the roads, walks, or places provided for the particular class of traffic, nor occupy the roads or walks in such manner as to hinder or obstruct their proper use.

B. Motor-vehicle traffic shall yield the right-of-way to aircraft.

C. Any accident involving a motor vehicle, which results in a fatality or injury, or in property damage, shall be reported by the driver to the airport manager.

D. No person shall operate any motor vehicle on the airport in excess of 20 miles per hour (except emergency vehicles responding to an emergency situation).

E. Vehicles shall not be parked on the airport other than in the manner and locations indicated by posted traffic signs and markings.

F. Vehicles that are to be left unattended may be parked only in designated airport vehicle parking areas.

G. Vehicles parked other than specified in subsections (E) and (F) of this section may be moved by airport personnel, and in such event a towing charge will be levied prior to releasing the vehicle from impound. No liability for damages sustained by such vehicles during said movement will be assumed by Sierra County or any of its officers or employees.

H. Motor vehicles shall not be driven on or across runways or other portions of aircraft operating areas without clearance from the airport manager.

I. Motor vehicles shall not be driven or parked upon, or within 50 feet of aircraft parking areas, ramp areas, or aprons without express approval of the airport manager. Exceptions: airport maintenance or emergency vehicles, or fuel or service vehicles.

J. No person may operate a motor vehicle or aircraft in or on any portion of the airport while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.