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A. No person shall light or smoke any cigarette, cigar, pipe, or similar object in the following airport areas:

1. Within any hangar or fuel handling or storage areas;

2. Within or upon any aircraft parking area or ramp;

3. Inside any aircraft (whether or not such aircraft are parked or stored) or within 50 feet thereof;

4. Within 50 feet of any “No Smoking” sign posted.

B. No person shall operate any electric or gas welding or cutting equipment anywhere on the airport without prior written approval of the airport manager and the Sierraville Fire Department.

C. No person shall clean or degrease any aircraft or part thereof except at or in a maintenance station properly equipped for such purposes, or in a space designated or authorized by the airport manager.

D. No person shall store or stock any material or substance, or permit such activities in or on the airport in such a manner, or of such nature, as to constitute a fire hazard. No person shall keep, store or discard any flammable liquid, gas, signal flare, or other flammable material in any building, room, enclosure, or other place on the airport except in areas specially designated by the airport manager for such purpose.