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No person shall:

A. Take or use any aircraft, aircraft parts, instruments, or tools pertaining thereto, which are owned, controlled, or operated by any other person, while such aircraft, parts, instruments, or tools are stored or otherwise left on the Sierraville-Dearwater Airport, or within its buildings, or facilities, without the written consent of the owner/operator thereof, except upon satisfactory evidence of the right to do so duly presented to the airport manager, or authorized by him, or so ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

B. Land, takeoff, taxi, or otherwise operate any aircraft on, at, or from, the Sierraville-Dearwater Airport when he knows such aircraft is not operating properly, or is equipped with any part or safety device which is defective or unsafe. Deviations from this restriction shall only be permitted by specific authorization from the airport manager or his designated representative. Nor shall any aircraft be operated on or at the airport, or on any runway thereof, when the airport manager or other legal authority, and such closure has been indicated by the placement of an “X” at each end of the closed runway.

C. Operate any aircraft (or vehicle) on, at, or in the vicinity (three statute miles) of the Sierraville-Dearwater Airport in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property, whether his own or that of others.

D. Engage in the performance of any aerobatics, stunt, maneuver not necessary to a normal takeoff, landing, normal turn or level flight of the aircraft, over or within one mile of the exterior boundaries of the airport.

E. Engage in the sale of any goods, wares, merchandise, or services at or upon the airport without first having secured from the airport manager a permit therefor, and paying any required fees for such permit.