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12.04.090 Additional requirements.
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The following requirements shall be established in addition to the uniform codes adopted herein.

A. Plumbing and heating vents shall terminate near the highest point of the roof as practical where the snow load is determined by the County Building Official to be in excess of 60 pounds per square foot.

B. All newly added wood-burning chimneys shall have installed and approved type spark arresters.

C. Reports concerning the construction of water wells, including well logs, shall be filed with the County Building Official.

D. All commercial structures designated in the codes adopted by this title as A, B1, E, H, and I occupancies shall be wired in rigid or thin wall conduit or in raceways approved by the County Building Official.

E. Aluminum or copper clad aluminum wiring shall be installed in structures containing less than size #6 American wire gauge (AWG).

F. Class “A” fire rating is required for all new roofs and for any roof covering applied in the alteration, repair or replacement of the roof.

G. The 2010 California Plumbing Code, Section 604.1.2 is clarified as follows:

The installation and use of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping is considered by Sierra County as an alternate material and method and pursuant to CPC, shall be subject to approval by the building official on a case-by-case basis. The applicant or their contractor shall complete the PEX certification form. (Ord. 1037, eff. 3/1/12; Ord. 608, eff. 7/21/81; Ord. 571, eff. 2/5/80)