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15.12.170 GF general forest district.
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A. Purpose and Intent. The GF zone is established to promote development in Sierra County which is compatible with and preserves the natural environment and will provide for the long run maintenance of natural resources.

B. Permitted Uses. Growing and harvesting of agricultural and forest products, grazing of livestock, single-family residences and accessory buildings. Public utility distribution facilities but not including major transmission facilities.

C. Conditional Uses. A mobilehome used as a single-family dwelling, public parks and recreation uses, reservoir for water storage, public utility buildings and uses, camping and picnic areas, private country clubs, golf courses, guest ranches, riding stables, mines, quarries, gravel pits, sawmills, summer home tracts, mobilehome parks, travel trailer parks, recreational trailer parks, airports and heliports. Upon proper findings by the Planning Commission other uses similar to those enumerated and consistent with the purpose and intent of the open space and conservation element of the general plan and compatible with the purpose and intent of the GF zone.

D. Property Development Standards. Lot area, 640 acres.

E. Population Density. One residence per 640 acres except where cluster type development has been approved by the Planning Commission.

F. Height Limitation. No building may exceed two stories or 35 feet in height, whichever is less excepting nondwelling structures.

G. Minimum Yards. Front, side and rear yard, 60 feet as measured from the centerline of abutting streets.

H. Lake, Reservoir or Stream Setback. The area within 100 feet of the high water line of any lake, reservoir, river or stream shall be maintained clear of any buildings, structures, or sewerage facilities, except for boat docks and boathouses. (Ord. 428, eff. 9/19/74; Ord. 409, eff. 7/5/73; Prior code §§ 86182 – 86190)