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Upon his appointment by the Board of Supervisors, the County Counsel shall discharge all the duties vested by law in the District Attorney other than those of a public prosecutor. Upon any future abolishment of, or upon a vacancy occurring in the office of County Counsel, the duties of this office shall thereupon automatically vest in and be discharged by the District Attorney, as constituting the ordinary duties prescribed by law of this office. The District Attorney shall continue to discharge all of the regular duties of his office until such time as the office of County Counsel is either again created and an appointment made, or the immediate vacancy in the office is filled. (Ord. 752, eff. 10/5/89; Ord. 550, eff. 5/15/79; Ord. 490, eff. 3/17/77; Ord. 297, eff. 9/21/66; Prior code § 11203)