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23.14.120 Access to public resources.
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The Planning Commission shall not approve a tentative parcel map or subdivision map of any proposed subdivision to be fronted on any perennial stream, river, lake or other body of water, which does not provide reasonable public access by fee or easement from a public highway to that portion of the bank of water lying within or bordering the proposed subdivision.

Reasonable public access shall be determined by the Planning Commission. In making the determination of what shall be reasonable access, the Planning Commission shall consider the following:

A. Access may be by highway, foot trail, bike trail, horse trail or any other means of travel.

B. Size of the subdivision.

C. Type of stream, river or lake bank and the various appropriate recreational, educational, and scientific uses, including but not limited to swimming, diving, boating, fishing, water skiing, scientific collection and study, aesthetics, and wildlife.

D. The likelihood of trespass on private property and reasonable means of avoiding such trespasses.

E. The extent, width and character of the public easement shall be reasonably defined to achieve reasonable public use. Any public access route or routes and any easement along the bank of any water body provided by the subdivider shall be expressly designated on the map, and such map designation shall expressly designate the governmental entity to which such route or routes are dedicated and its acceptance of such dedication. (Formerly 23.14.012)