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23.16.100 Improvement agreement.
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The improvement agreement shall be prepared by the Department of Public Works and approved as to form by the County Counsel. The agreement shall provide for:

A. Construction of all improvements including any required off-site improvements, according to the approved plans and specifications on file with the Department of Public Works;

B. Completion of improvements within the time specified by the agreement;

C. Right of the county to modify plans and specifications and to require the subdivider to pay for modifications;

D. Warranty by the subdivider that construction will not adversely affect any portion of adjacent properties;

E. Payment of inspection fees in accordance with the county’s ordinance;

F. Payment of in-lieu fees for undergrounding of utilities on peripheral streets;

G. Payment of planned drainage facility fees;

H. Improvement security as required by Chapter 23.17 SCC;

I. Maintenance and repair of any defects or failures and their causes;

J. Release and indemnification of the county from all liability incurred in connection with the development and payment of all reasonable attorneys’ fees that the county may incur because of any legal action or other proceeding arising from the development;

K. Any other deposits, reimbursements, fees or conditions as required by county ordinance or resolution and as may be required by the Department of Public Works;

L. Any other provisions required by the county as reasonably necessary to effectuate the purposes and provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and this title. (Formerly 23.16.010)