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Any party subject to a covenant may request a release of the covenant. The Planning Director shall conduct a hearing, after giving notice to the owners of the benefited and burdened property. Alternatively, the Director may refer the matter directly to the Planning Commission who shall conduct the hearing. Decisions to release or not to release a covenant shall be appealable to the Commission and the Board of Supervisors in accordance with SCC 20.05.130.

A. Fee. The county may charge a reasonable fee for processing a request for a release in accordance with the filing fee set by the county fee ordinance.

B. Findings. A covenant shall be released if the decision-making body finds, based upon substantial evidence in the record, that the covenant is no longer necessary to achieve the land use goals of the county.

C. Release of Covenant. Upon the passage of the appeal period, the Planning Director shall cause to be recorded a release of the covenant, in a form approved by the County Counsel. (Formerly 26.05)