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A. Every person and responsible party shall have the right to dispose of his or her own solid waste only at an authorized solid waste facility.

B. Material that is suitable for recycling or composting as determined by the county may be disposed of at approved recycling or composting facilities. Solid waste shall not be deposited, left, dumped, dropped, placed or otherwise disposed of upon any street, alley, waterway, roadside, canyon or other unauthorized location within the county. No person or responsible party shall dispose of the solid waste from their property or business in any public bins provided for the convenience of the general public, including without limitation refuse bins placed on public streets, public rights-of-way, public parks, public campgrounds or other public facilities and at the Bassetts public convenience area (at the intersection of Gold Lake Road and State Highway 49). In transporting solid waste any such person shall take any and all necessary and reasonable steps to guarantee that solid waste is not scattered or spilled at any point between the place of collection and the place of disposal, including but not limited to securely tying and covering the load, and shall cause the cleanup of any solid waste spilled or scattered during collection or transport. (Ord. 1048, eff. 10/19/13; Ord. 844, eff. 10/1/96)