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8.05.016 Charges for property outside of the county using the solid waste system.
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Notwithstanding any provision in this code to the contrary, the Board has determined that certain properties that may be within both Sierra and Plumas counties may be allowed to use the county solid waste system (system) for disposal of their household refuse subject to compliance with the following provisions:

A. Annually, the owners of properties described above may make application to the county solid waste fee administrator, on a form to be provided by the Administrator, for a right to use Sierra County solid waste system during each fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th) or for any part thereof. The application shall list to the satisfaction of the Fee Administrator the specific property or properties that will generate the municipal solid waste (household refuse) that is to be disposed of through Sierra County system.

B. Only municipal solid waste from residences shall be allowed to be disposed of through Sierra County solid waste system. Household hazardous waste, green waste, or refuse from agricultural, commercial or industrial operations on the property are expressly prohibited from being disposed of through the system.

C. The property owners shall be assessed by the solid waste fee administrator and pay, in advance, for the fiscal year a solid waste fee based on the number of dwelling units on the property at the residential rate then in existence for properties within the county. The solid waste fee shall not be discounted or reduced based on use of the system for less than the full fiscal year.

D. Upon approval of and payment of the fees by a property owner who is authorized to use the solid waste system under the provisions of this section, the solid waste fee administrator shall provide written notification to the Public Works Department, as the operators of the solid waste system, of the authorization for use, and the Public Works staff shall thereafter provide access to the landfill for such person(s) – but only for the disposal of customary residential waste – both in terms of the quantity and type of waste.

E. Owners of property as described above may be allowed to dispose of refuse in addition to the customary residential waste from agricultural, commercial or industrial operations on the property, by contracting for hauling service of such waste from a solid waste haulers as otherwise authorized by this code. (Ord. 1048, eff. 10/19/13)