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The county shall have the exclusive right to determine the merits, necessity and organization of any service or activity of county government and to determine all matters concerning the management or administration of county government, subject to the provisions of the MOU and applicable law.

In its determination of matters concerning the management or administration of county government, the county shall retain the exclusive decision-making authority in relation to, but not limited by, the following:

A. Determine and modify the organization of county government and its constituent work units;

B. Determine the nature, standards, levels and mode of delivery of services to be offered to the public;

C. Determine the methods, means and the numbers and kinds of personnel by which services are to be provided;

D. Determine whether goods or services shall be made, purchased or contracted for;

E. Direct employees, including scheduling and assigning work and overtime;

F. Establish employee performance standards and to require compliance therewith;

G. Discharge, suspend, demote, reduce in pay, reprimand, withhold salary increases and benefits, or otherwise discipline employees where warranted;

H. Relieve employees from duty because of lack of work or lack of funds or for other legitimate reasons;

I. Implement rules, regulations and directives consistent with law and the specific provisions of the MOU;

J. Take all necessary actions to protect the public and carry out its mission in emergencies.

In any matter regarding emergencies which affect items of meet and confer, the county shall notify the union as soon as possible. (Ord. 771, eff. 5/7/91)