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A. As an alternative to or in association with the implementation of a reduction in force, the Board of Supervisors may institute a temporary reduction in the hours to be worked by the employees in any department (a “work furlough”). Any such reduction may require the employees to be furloughed for such period or periods of time as the Board may find necessary due to an insufficiency of funds within the department’s budget or the county budget. Prior to implementing any furlough, the county shall notify the union of the intent to implement the furlough and shall promptly meet and confer with the union, if so requested, to discuss any issues pertaining to the implementation of any furlough. The county shall be free to implement any furlough 30 days following the mailing or faxing of the above referenced notice to the union.

1. A furlough may be ordered only to compensate for a budget shortfall.

2. The department head may furlough an employee or group of employees upon approval or upon the direction of the Board of Supervisors by a four-fifths vote.

3. An employee furloughed by the department head shall be noncompensated during a furlough period but shall not suffer any reduction of seniority during the period of the furlough.

4. The maximum number of furlough days for an employee shall not exceed 13 days in any fiscal year.

5. An employee shall not be furloughed more than five days in any pay period; provided, however, that in the event that any furlough exceeds one day in any pay period, the reduction of salary/wages in any pay period shall be limited to one day and the remaining salary/wage reduction shall be spread over an appropriate number of pay periods.

6. Furlough time shall be in full day increments for full-time employees and prorated for part-time employees, unless otherwise agreed to by the employee and his or her department head.

7. An employee is to be notified in writing by the department head at least 15 days prior to the assigned furlough day or days.

8. Whenever possible, considering needs of the department, the department head will give consideration to an employee’s choice in selecting the furlough day or days.

9. The application of a furlough to an employee or group of employees shall not be subject to the grievance procedure.

10. An employee may not be furloughed again until all other employees within the same position or class or service class in their department have been furloughed.