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3.07.010 Position classification plan.
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A. A list of all classified county positions shall be established and maintained on a current basis by the Personnel Director. The Board, upon the recommendation of the Personnel Director, by resolution adopted by a majority vote, may create new classes or divide, combine, or abolish existing classes.

B. The position classification list shall show all positions and classes currently in use by the county and the class specifications.

1. A class specification is a reference standard that serves to illustrate, define, and characterize a group of positions comprising a classification. Class specifications are designed to depict the kinds of positions that may be properly allocated to a classification. The task content of a class specification is not intended to be, nor shall it be construed as being, all inclusive, restrictive, or precisely descriptive of the duties and responsibilities of any particular position within the classification.

2. The Personnel Director shall prepare and maintain class specifications for each classification which shall contain the following information:

a. Classification title;

b. Definition and general description of the class;

c. Examples of typical tasks performed;

d. Minimum qualification standards;

e. Knowledge, skills, and abilities required for satisfactory performance in the classification; and

f. Any other information considered by the Personnel Director to be necessary.