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The permit granted pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to an annual review by the county which, unless otherwise directed by the Board of Supervisors, will be conducted by county staff.

Annually, so at such other times as the county may request, each permittee shall be required to provide information and supporting documentation to the County Department of Public Works evidencing the amount of groundwater extracted from any parcel of land and from each individual well thereon, for property which includes a groundwater extraction permit issued under this chapter. This information shall, at a minimum, be provided in the form of daily logs and shall include any operational information, including but not limited to field reports, memorandum and other relevant information concerning the use and operation of the wells on the subject property and any contiguous property under common ownership. The Department of Public Works shall be entitled to reasonable inspection of any business records related to the extraction and/or exportation of any permitted well and property under this chapter. The cost of any such inspection shall be borne by the applicant. The reporting and inspection obligations set out herein shall be deemed to be conditions attached to the issuance of any permit and noncompliance may result in cancellation of a permit, any action for abatement and/or injunction relief or such other remedies and/or penalties as are provided by law for the violation of a county ordinance.

In the event the department determines or reasonably believes that an overdraft is occurring because of the conditions then existing, the permit may be amended by order of the department, to immediately decrease the amount of water allowed to be extracted. Said decision by the department may be appealed to the Board of Supervisors by the applicant and/or the property owner of the affected property (if different from the permittee).

The county reserves the right to and shall have full authority to cancel any permit whenever there is evidence that overdraft of the underlying aquifer is occurring or has occurred. A public hearing shall precede any action by the Board of Supervisors to cancel any permit and written notice thereof shall be given to the permittee and property owner of the affected property (if different from the permittee), 15 calendar days in advance of the hearing, at which time the permittee and/or property owner shall be entitled to present evidence on the question of whether an overdraft is occurring or has occurred. The sole question to be determined by the County Board of Supervisors shall be whether there is evidence of the overdraft of the underlying aquifer. (Ord. 865, eff. 4/16/98)