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3.07.030 Position allocation and reallocation.
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A. Upon the recommendation of the Personnel Director and the department head, the Board shall have the sole authority to allocate and reallocate positions as they are found to exist in the work unit.

B. Prior to an allocation or reallocation of a position to a classification by the Board, the Personnel Director shall:

1. Review existing classes to identify the class that most adequately embraces the major characteristics of the position to be allocated or reallocated, if such a class exists, and discuss the position with the appropriate supervisor and/or department head;

2. Consider relevant position characteristics in respect to the position such as:

a. Tasks assigned to the position;

b. Work objectives and purposes of the position;

c. Levels of authority and responsibility involved in the position;

d. Exercise of discretion and judgment required by the position;

e. Supervision of the position;

f. Management of work processes and programs;

g. Types and levels of knowledge and skills required for satisfactory performance; and

h. Typical types and minimum levels of training and/or experience required for acceptable performance upon appointment to the position; and

3. Discuss the matter with the appropriate department head and the Personnel Committee of the appointed bargaining unit when a position is being considered for downgrading.

C. The information set forth in subsection (B) of this section shall be presented to the Board by the Personnel Director for consideration and approval by a majority vote.

D. Upon the completion of the position allocation or reallocation process, the Personnel Director shall provide written notification to the appropriate department of any change in classifications.

E. Upon the reallocation of a filled position, the incumbent shall submit evidence of qualifying experience and/or education to the Personnel Director within three working days in order to remain in the new class.

F. The effective date of an allocation or reallocation shall correspond with the first pay period following its approval or on the date specified by the Board.